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What an exciting time for investors. There is a cleantech revolution just beginning and the opportunities to find, invest in and profit from the world’s most sought-after sector can get someone really excited.

And it’s at times like these that the hard work begins. Sorting and reading through all the the proposals, business plans and emails that are looking to you for help.

Help is what CleantekTV provides. It lets you quickly decide who and what you want to see.

We’ve all had the experience (far too often) of reading a business plan, setting up the meetings, blocking out chunks of time for travel and paying for airfare, taxis, hotels and meals. And then, within the first 10 minutes of the meeting you know this one is not going to work for you.

Another scenario. You come to your office, get online and within minutes meet the principlals, watch what they are promoting, get the sense of a go or no-go - - the fit, the people, the product and the vision. Then follow up from their CleanTekTV overview to see their website, give the principal a call, send off an email.

Think of how much more efficient this is.

In an hour you can view and review dozens of the latest new clean technologies, meet the start-ups looking for a best-fit business relationship, see and hear what’s coming online from the most innovative cleantech firms around the world.

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